Monday, 16 September 2013

Another Zebra lost to road traffic

This morning, on our way to Emali town, we found a female zebra killed by a car, 15 kilometers away from Maasai Simba Camp. The animal was killed by a motorist at around 6:00am. Livestock and wildlife are killed by road traffic nearly every day in this part of the world. Unfortunately there aren't enough wildlife crossing signs on Emali-Loitokitok highway. The few signs available are often located in wrong places along the highway.

Maasai Association is raising funds to install animal crossing signs between Emali and Imbirikani trading center. Animal crossing signs will deter motorists from driving too fast in wildlife crossings.

Let us know if you or someone you know is interested on sponsoring animal crossing sign for Emali-Loitokitok highway. Our goal is to cover a stretch of 35 kilometers from Emali town.

The cost for animal crossing sign is $30 each.

Visit our website: and donate towards animal crossing sign project.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Elephants visit Maasai Simba Camp

A herd of elephants visited Maasai Simba Camp last night. Several banana trees in the borehole compound was eaten to the ground.

Reteti, the boy pictured here, examined the elephant poo. He discovered that elephants eat lots of different species of plants. He also discovered a variety of seeds in the elephant poo. We used a portion of the elephant poo to fertilize our small garden. Elephant poo can make good fertilizer! This boy loves animal tracking. Next to him is his dog named Simba.