Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Another cow was killed by a lion last night

A lioness with two cubs entered into a village last night and mauled one cow. The cow belongs to Nasha Musoongo. Other cows were not hurt. The lion struck the village at mid night. We went in to investigate the kill and found that carcass is the only part left of the animal. 

Judging from the lion's footprint the cubs were about 6 months old. The lioness and her cubs remain at large in Merruesi village. We called the game scout unit from the Big Life Foundation; they are on the way to the scene. Other partners for wildlife conservation such as Eseriani Wildlife Association have been informed.  We are hopeful that the game scout unit will arrive soon and scare the lion away into Chyulu Hills National Park. Very likely the lions will return to the area because many zebras and wildebeest are plenty in Merrueshi. Stay tuned for more update.

Nasha, pictured above, is not very happy about the loss of her cow. We must compensate her for the loss of her cow in order to deter the warriors from hunting the lion. "I'm debating whether to accept compensation for the loss of my cow or have the lion killed" said Nasha. 

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